New year’s resolutions — 善用okr制定新年目标


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4 seasons in a year

I wanna be there with you when the season comes and goes
We’re taking a trip to see the world’ It’s going going on
Car’ train’ or ship’ even by airplane
We make a plan and fantasize it every sunday

Oh it’ so nice in spring time We’re just relaxing outside
Flowers all around us’ like we’re in the world of fantasy
When the summer comes’ We are having a Barbeque
Waiting for night time’ so I get to see the fireworks with you
When the fall comes’ all the leaves’ll turn gold
When the winter comes’ now everything is covered by the snow

Every single season’ It seems so brand new
When I can spend it with you

All the memories of the good days’ they never fade away
We’ve been through ups and downs ever since the first day
Sometimes we argue and fuss
But every single day is a blessing for the two of us
Oh This is where I’m supposed to be cuz you got a hold on me
The feelings gets stronger everytime you look at me
And I gotta say that you’re the one I need
Remember the day I made a promise to you right by the sea

Uh So many nights’ I made you cry
You still stayed right by my side
Give me a sign when you’re feeling down so I can treat you right
Cuz we used to cry together til the break of dawn
Every word you said to me still keeps me going strong so

We’ve been through the good times
and we’ve been through the bad times
Let me show you how I feel
Here are my words of honesty
No matter where you are’ no matter where you go
I know I got to be with you so

Let me know’ the things you wanna see in spring time
Let me know’ the things you wanna see in summer time
When the flowers bloom’ when the sun shines bright
I wanna be with you
I gotta be with you
Let me know’ the things you wanna see in fall time
Let me know’ the things you wanna see in winter time
When the leaves fall’ When the snow is falling down
I wanna be with you
I gotta be with you
So baby talk to me’ baby smile for me
We chill out and time goes by slowly
We just joke around and talk about the stupidest things
And when we get enough of it’ we look for another place

You know I would go anywhere’ just to be by your side
Let’s go out and take a drive under the beautiful sky
We’ve been to a lot of places’ but we still we have to go
You know there’s gotta be so much more

Someday we start a family
I will take you to the place that we used to hang around
The place where we met and the place we belong
The place where we made our promise to love forever